On leaving New York...

I spent my teens dreaming about my adult life in New York. Almost every weekend I would head into the city to take classes, hang out at the NY Public Library, or wander around the village with my slightly older, certainly cooler friends.

After 10 years in the City, with my soul resembling my black coffee, I knew it was time for a change. Packing my bags, I hopped across the pond for grad school at Cambridge. A year later my me and bags were headed to another big city, London, for a new job and life.

Everything was going according to plan... till it wasn't! A strange twist of fate with a job offer for me and a transfer for my partner brought us to Singapore. A city I truthfully only knew about because my yoga studio back in New York boasted about its locations there.

Having accepted reality ie we are not moving to New York anytime soon, I've decided to embrace all that Singapore has to offer. Apparently some of my favourite NY things to do like fitness, hanging out in cute coffee shops, and brunching are not synonymous to just NY! And living in Singapore means that we can afford a place that allows me to sew up a storm. Postcards to New York is my guide to sipping, noshing, schvitzing, and stitching your way through Singapore (and beyond!)